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MetalForge Rewards: Forge Your Game Legacy

Dive into the world of gaming and join the elite ranks of MetalForge Rewards! As a subscriber, your path to gaming greatness is paved with exclusive perks and a treasure trove of free games. Here’s how you can forge your own gaming legacy:

🔒 Step 1: Subscribe to MetalJags on Twitch ($4.99/Month)

For $4.99 a month, become a part of MetalForge Rewards by subscribing to MetalJags on Twitch.

🎁 Step 2: Register for an account on 

The moment you hit subscribe, the gaming adventure begins!  To receive a code for the free game that you earn as a subscriber on Twitch, visit to register for an account on our website. Watch your email for a notification from us.  We will notify you as soon as your account is approved and the discount code is available, which is usually within 48 hours of registration.

🎮 Step 3: Check out the shop to select your free game

Choose from an eclectic selection of games and genres to build your game collection.  Browse the shop at, add your game(s) to your cart, enter your discount code, and then receive your game by email.  Redemption instructions for the games will be specific to the platform of the game, and those instructions will be included in that email.

📅 Step 4: Monthly code drops

The achievements don’t end there! Each month, as long as you’re still subscribed on Twitch, another code will be added to your account that you can redeem for a free game. It’s a monthly bonanza, our way of thanking the community that makes this all possible.

Join MetalForge Rewards Today: Subscribe, Redeem, Conquer!

When you subscribe to MetalJags on Twitch, you’re not just supporting a creator, you’re also getting to build your own collection each and every month!